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November 21, 2020

Please join us for the 13th Anniversary of the Monona Public Library TELLABRATION!™
Presented by The Friends of Monona Public Library and complimentary to you.
TELLABRATION!™ is a trademark of the National Storytelling Network.


This 24 hour event is virtual! The stories are linked to the teller images below.  Click on a picture of the teller to enjoy the story.

Mesmerizing Tales! Interactive stories and musical storytelling for ages 2 to 200! Watch one, three, or all of the stories at a time on Saturday convenient to you. Enjoy a diverse range of stories for a wide age range. As Sadarri says, "This is Story-Play at it's very best!"

Click the pictures of the storytellers below to link to and enjoy their song or story.  

No longer available:
Sadarri Saskill "The Feast"
For ages 8 up.

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Sheila Arnold "Elephant's Legs for Marissa"

sheila arnold

Jim Gill. "One From the Left"

For ages birth to 7. 

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No longer available:

Amber Saskill  "Rapunzel in Black"
For ages 9 up.

Amber screenshot_20200930-225038_Instagram

Duke Otherwise "Witty Wordplay Warbling" For ages 2 to 9.

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Karen Wendt "Stella and the Fox"
Ages 3 to 6.

Karen square

Kay Weeden "A Peruvian Folktale"
For ages 8 up.

Kay Weeden pink square

Deborah "Little Rabbit Finds Home"
For ages 4 to 8.

Deborah square

No longer available:

Autumn Joy Saskill ASL "A Day at the Zoo" For ages 2 to 7

Autumn Sun square

Click Here to see the recorded Monona Public Library program from Nov. 17 with Ms. Sheila. 
Click here for a link to video of Ms. Sheila at the National Storytelling Festival. 

Ms. Sheila has traveled to various parts of the world and around the country and everywhere she goes she gathers stories. Grab your books, jump on board and let's go around the world .... IN STORIES!

Sheila Arnold

Sheila Arnold

 Kay Weeden, Ms. Karen, Duke Otherwise!
Click here for the event.

Wiggle, Clap, Stomp & Giggle! Interactive stories and musical storytelling for families with children ages 2 to 7.

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TELLABRATION!™ is a worldwide celebration of the art of storytelling where for one night storytellers will share their talents in concerts held in different cities and towns all around the world to celebrate the art of storytelling. In 1987 a Connecticut yarn spinner, J. G. Pinkerton, launched his vision of a night of storytelling for adults. 

On a local level, the Annual Monona Library TELLABRATION!™ will bring together acclaimed professional and local storytellers from the area to delight, captivate, and mesmerize the audience with their stories. “TELLABRATION!™ a trademark of the National Storytelling Network.”
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Find a list of books and webpage links for "Family Stories Told & Preserved" here!
11/06/18 Channel WI57 "Talk of the Town"

Photos from Nov. 16, 2016 event
11/1/16 Channel CW57 "Talk of the Town"
11/14/16 Channel 15 News

National Storytelling Network

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THANK YOU! Many thanks go to the hosts, sponsors, staff, and performers. We also want to thank our wonderful, supportive audience.

  • The Friends of the Monona Public Library
  • Monona Public Library