Current Projects

Bridge Road Reconstruction - 2019

Update – July 9, 2020

Crews are now finalizing punch list items.  All major construction items have been completed.

Plan drawings, Click Here
City of Madison has assessments for this project for nearby City of Madison property ownerssee here.

McKenna Road Reconstruction

 - 2020

Updated - July 9, 2020

Crews are currently grading out and installing road bedding.  When curb and gutter gets poured the week of July 13th, residents will not be allowed access to their driveways during the time it takes for the concrete to cure.  Please make plans for that week to park along the roadway or around the block.  When driveway aprons get poured with sidewalks the same thing will happen where residents will not be able to access their driveways at that point in time.  Typical cure time for concrete is 5-7 days depending on the thickness of the pour and mix type.

Construction Schedule:

Grading and road bed installation - by July 13
Curb and Gutter - by July 21
Grading and Sidewalk installation - by July 28
Driveways - by July 28
Final Grading and Asphalt - by July 31

Construction Plans

Winnequah Road Pirate Island Bridge Replacement

Updated - April 22, 2020

The City of Monona has plans to replace the Winnequah Road bridge to Pirate Island in 2020.  The current bridge was constructed in 1960, and has a sufficiency rating of 8.6 out of 100.  Reconstruction plans call for the complete replacement of the bridge.  One lane will be open to residents during the construction.  During construction, the water main currently hanging from the bridge will be placed under the channel, just to the west of the bridge.  Engineering design was completed by MSA, led by Gregg Borucki.
View a presentation on reconstruction plans

2020 bids were denied due to over budget quotes.  Capital budgets will be amended in the Fall and this project will be rebid in the Spring of 2021.  

North Winnequah Park Lagoon Dredging and PCB Removal 

Updated - July 9, 2020

A couple restoration items still remain around the banks of the lagoon and above the rip rap.  All grass seed and native seed restoration above the 3' wide native buffer have been completed.

For Plan Drawings, Click Here

​Atwood Ave. Road Reconstruction Planning and Design - 2022-2025

Updated - April 30, 2020

The project was not approved in the 2020 TIP for federal funding.  The project will apply for federal funds in 2022 for funding in 2024.

Visit the City of Madison project page for more information.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan

Monona City Council has accepted the plan and the information is posted on the City's Public Works page along with all supporting data and reports.  Ped and Bike Plan

US DOT Projects In Monona - 2019-2020

Beltline Hard Shoulder Project

WisDOT Project Page

​Beltline South Towne Overpass, On/Off Ramp Improvements
WisDOT Project Page