Emergency Management

Dane County Department of Emergency Management

The Dane County Department of Emergency Management is the agency which coordinates action and communication in the event of a natural or other disaster.  This includes the sounding of outdoor warning sirens.  In the event that a tornado warning is issued for an area that includes the City of Monona, Dane County will sound the sirens in Monona. Dane County Emergency Management has a comprehensive webpage which includes information on how to prepare for all kinds of disasters, types of warning notifications available, resources for those affected by disasters, and much more.  

Photo of Dane County Emergency Management Webpage

Snow Emergencies Declared Locally

While emergency management coordination and the sounding of warning sirens is coordinated by Dane County, the declaration of a Snow Emergency is decided locally by the Mayor or their designee. If the Mayor declares a Snow Emergency, cars are prohibited from parking on City streets so that the streets can be cleared of snow and ice. In the event of a major snowstorm, local crews will concentrate on keeping emergency routes open and accessible, then plow the rest of the City's streets as the storm moves out of the area.  Besides being announced on this site and sent out as an emergency alert, local snow emergencies are announced to the area television stations (WISC-TV3, WKOW-Channel 27, WMTV-Channel 15) and radio stations and broadcast on the City's radio station, 98.7 FM-WMVO. Read more about parking restrictions during snow emergencies.

Page view of the Alert Center

Local Alerts from MyMonona.com

The City of Monona, through this website, has a mechanism for residents to be alerted via email or text message in the event of a snow emergency, police alert, emergency road closure, water main break, etc.  If you'd like to register to receive emergency alersts from the City of Monona, go to our Notify Me page and enter your email and/or mobile phone number.  You'll then recieve an email or text message directly from the City when an emergency alert is issued.