Quick Tips:

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Turn Off the Water
Whether it’s shutting off the shower to shave, or turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, only use the water you need to save money and improve your water efficiency.

Install Low Flow Appliances
Low flow toilets, shower heads, and sinks saves you money on your utility bills and on water consumption!

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water
If an item is gently worn, washing it in cold water can be a great way to save hot water.

Make or Buy a Rainwater Barrel
Garden and lawn care accounts for 40% of residential water usage during the summer. Rainwater collection provides a free water supply that improves water efficiency while reducing storm runoff

Install a Greywater System
Greywater systems take wastewater from one source and recycle it for another use. One example is redirecting sink water to fill the toilet tank. This water can be recycled with or without purifying it depending upon your needs.

Water Conservation Checklist for your Home

Smart Watering Guide

Everybody loves a green lawn. But at what cost? Watering your lawn for that optimal green is a decision every homeowner has to make, and if you choose to do it, you ought to keep conservation in mind. Here are some tips to conserve water while irrigating:

  1. Water in the Morning - the ground is coolest between 2a.m. and 10a.m. which means that your efforts wont be adversely combated by heavy sunlight or evaporation. Watering before 7a.m. is optimal. 
  2. Stick to Less than 2 Inches of Water per Week - over irrigating drowns out root systems and wastes water
  3. Water .25 Inches per Cycle - most soils don't retain more than this in a given hour, so keeping your irrigation rate at this level will reduce runoff and waste
  4. Watch for Rain - sometimes Mother Nature will do the watering for you, saving you a day or two of water costs