The Great Escape Playground

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It is our goal to offer a recreational program that youth can participate in to maintain a happy, healthy and active lifestyle. We strive to introduce the children to new and different ways to recreate through physically and mentally exhilarating field trips, on-site activities and valuable friendships. 

Location:    Fireman’s Park Shelter                   
Days:          Monday-Friday
Time:          12:30 - 4:00 pm
Need additional care for your child outside of the regular Great Escape Playground camp hours? This summer we will have extended care for an additional fee; kids will get to enjoy extra social time with friends, active games and more. Children must be registered in The Great Escape Playground camp day of to take advantage of these extended camp opportunities.

Location:    Fireman’s Park Shelter                   
Days:          Monday-Friday
Time:          4:00 - 6:00 pm

Extended Care is $7/day per child. No refunds will be given.


Summer Camp Fees

8 Week  4 Week  1 Week
$480/total $280/total
$60/week   $70/week  $80/week
$12/Day  $14/day  $16/day 
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$100 non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee per child due at time of registration for 8 & 4 week options. Payment due in full for 1 week option.
The payments will be divided into 2 equal payments based on your registration option. Payment will be automatically withdrawn on the dates listed below.
  June 15 July 15
8 week $190 $190
4 week $90 $90



Week 1: Mad Scientists
We better bust out the lab coats and safety goggles as Campers explore all things ooey-gooey, fizzy, and electric. Get ready for a week of ah, eww, and whoa!
Week 2: Land Before Time
Campers will transform into archaeologists where their days will be spent digging up fossils and exploring what life was like in the Jurassic Era!
Week 3: Space Jam
Campers, get ready to hop in your space ship as we travel to outer space and encounter galaxy slime, asteroids, and an alien invasion, oh my! 3, 2, 1 … BLAST OFF!
Week 4: We Built this City
By exploring the City of Monona, Campers will make some blueprints to develop their very own cities. Campers come design, name, make up laws, and elect a council for your city!
Week 5: The Sound of Music

Are you a singer, dancer, or a musician? We’ll help you find your talent, so get ready to make some noise! Campers will get creative and make their own instruments, enjoy a drum circle, dance blindfolded, and end the week with a red carpet event featuring…YOU!
Week 6: Imaginarium

Through hands-on experiments and projects, each camper will design, and test their creations in unique challenges while making messes and masterpieces with clay, paint, paper and more.
Week 7: It’s a Jungle Out There
Sneak through the trees, explore for snakes, birds, insects, plants, and wait! Was that a leopard? Which route will you take to get through the Jungle safely?
Week 8: Mystery Week
Don’t you hate it when you lose things? This week, Campers will learn top-notch sleuthing skills then put them to the test to solve an important case: something has been stolen from camp!

  1. Staff Information
  2. Club Safety
  3. Summer School Pick Up
  4. Inclement Weather Policy
  • All staff have experience in working with children, are CPR/First Aid certified and participate in regular training.  
  • Most of our staff have or are pursuing degrees in Recreation & Leisure studies, Education or other related fields.