Message from the Mayor

As the Mayor of Monona, I am pleased to welcome you to the City of Monona's web site.

 The City of Monona is a community with a population of 7,523 located on the east shore of Lake Monona and on the east side of the Madison metropolitan area. Monona’s natural features and amenities, including over 4 miles of Lake Monona shoreline, 120 acres in parks and open spaces, its full range of excellent public services and schools, a variety and high quality of housing, large prosperous business districts, and close proximity to the many cultural, recreational, and commercial services both in Monona and in the surrounding Madison area, give the City of Monona a small town character with the benefits of being in an urban area.

Photo of Monona's Mayor, Mary O'Connor
Monona is much more than a residential suburb adjacent to Madison. Monona has a large and thriving business and commercial base, with over 500 large and small businesses. Most businesses are located along Monona’s main street, and Broadway, a commercial district that has been transformed by major redevelopment, and in the South Towne Mall, Office Park and Industrial Park area.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are continuously adding additional features to this site to better serve our citizens and visitors. Now that you've stopped at our website, I encourage you to visit us in person - I am sure you'll enjoy your stay!

Best Regards,

Mary O'Connor

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