Fire / EMS

Responsibilities & Services

The Monona Fire and Emergency Medical Services Departments minimize the risk of death, injury, and property loss from fires, medical emergencies, or natural disasters. In addition to providing a coordinated and timely response to emergencies, the Fire / EMS Department also attempts to enhance public safety through preventive activities, such as code enforcement and public education programs.

The Fire Chief, appointed by the Police and Fire Commission, heads the Fire / EMS Department and supervises approximately 35 POC/POP firefighter/EMTs, 9 full-time firefighter/medics and 6 LTE firefighter/medics. The department is responsible for inspecting all commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings in the city to ensure compliance with state and local fire codes.

Spills of Hazardous Waste/HAZMAT

Suspected spills of hazardous waste materials shall be reported directly to 911 to dispatch first responders and containment teams.