Inspections, Permits & Work Requests

Curb Stops

The curb stop/box is the property of the water utility and may only be turned on/off by an authorized employee of the water utility. Plumbers may turn the water on to test their work but must leave the water turned off upon completion of the work. Please call 222-2525 to request that a curb stop/box be turned on/off. A construction meter is required for all water use.

A 48-hour notice is required to schedule an appointment to have a curb stop/box turned on/off.

New Water Meters and Water Service

If you are building a home or need to make another new connection to the City's water system, please go to

Hydrant Meter for Bulk Water Usage

Water may be drawn from fire hydrants for construction, landscaping, tank filling, or other uses as approved by the Monona Water Utility.

A deposit must be paid at City Hall for the hydrant meter.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of the water used and/or any other charges incurred in conjunction with this permit. Any remaining deposit balance will be returned upon return of the meter.

Hydrant Meter Application for Bulk Water Use