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Valuable Initiatives in Learning That Work Successfully (VIEWS2) states:
As parents and caregivers you want to ensure that the children in your charge are given every opportunity to succeed in life. You can adopt research-proven behaviors when you interact with children daily that will develop their literacy skills. The behaviors are broken down into eight domains, each with their own link.

  1. Alphabetic Knowledge Exploring with Letters
  2. Communication How to Talk & Share
  3. Comprehension Understanding Stories, etc.
  4. Language Use How to Use Words
  5. Phonological Awareness Playing with Sounds
  6. Print Concepts Connecting with Stories
  7. Vocabulary Understanding & Using Words
  8. Writing Concepts Writing
Sing along with Karen and Winnequah 5th graders.

Finger Play
Watch as these kids perform a fun finger play. Watch it again and try it yourself.

Read a Book
Go find a book from your bookshelf to read with your grown-up, or click on one of these links to find one:

Interactive Activity
Writing, drawing, and decorating a homemade book is a creative craft that will spark your child's imagination. Find a few simple ways to turn your children into writers and authors. Help them assemble a custom book keepsake. 

Please see this section of for more information.

Sing-a-long Songs
Stories are not only told through books, but also through song. Listen to the Winnequah fifth graders sing the song; then listen again and sing along!

Goodbye Song
Sing along with Karen and the Winnequah fifth graders as we say goodbye for the week.

For Parents 
  • Launching Into Literacy -Parent Pages in English, Spanish, and Hmong
  • Even if your child is reading on their own, remember to make time each day to read to them. Invite them to read out loud to you. Talk about the characters, places, and scenes in the book.
  • Read to Your Child. If your child is birth to age five, sign up for our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.