Neighborhood Watch Program

Problem Oriented Policing
The late University of Wisconsin Law School Professor Herman Goldstein (as well as a Stokholm Prize in Criminology award winner) coined the term in the book he authored "Problem-Oriented Policing".  This framework has been adopted by law enforcement agencies all over the world.  Within this framework, it calls for police to understand each problem in detail and to think critically about the best possible tailor-made response to that problem.

We feel the best way for us at the Monona Police Department to apply this framework is to develop partnerships directly with residents of our great city.  If we can develop such partnerships, we'll be in much better position to identify ongoing issues, understand these issues and deter them from reoccurring.

This is where our Neighborhood Watch Program comes in.  How do you get involved?    
Get Involved!
The best way to participate is to interact  with our department via social media.  If you haven't joined Nextdoor Monona please do so.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.  However, if it is an incident currently occurring and you believe it requires immediate police response: please contact our police dispatch at (608) 222-0463.  For incidents that have already occurred or it is a daily/weekly occurrence that you want future prevention applied- please feel free to contact us via our social media pages or email Community Relations Officer Nate Reynolds.

Our goal will be to meet in late April and late October of each year in person via watch meetings at a designated city building.  Stay tuned for social media announcements regarding these dates.
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