Planning & Community Development

Responsibilities & Services

The planning department prepares, implements and updates current and long range city plans, coordinates site plan review for commercial development proposals, meets with the public regarding proposed neighborhood or community plans, and coordinates planning activities with neighboring communities and other levels of government. All requests for business development or expansion, and for changes in zoning or signage are reviewed by the planning department. 

The department provides staff support to the following City Committees:
  • Plan Commission which is responsible for implementing the city's Comprehensive Plan and ensuring orderly growth and development within the city. 
  • Community Development Authority whose primary responsibility is to promote economic and community development activities in the city. 
  • Landmarks Commission which works to protect and enhance sites and districts which reflect the city's cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals whose primary responsibility is to hear and decide variance requests.
Planning, Community Development and Economic Development Reports:
Starting in May 2016, the Plan Commission will begin review of sections pertaining to the larger recodification of the entire Monona Municipal Code of Ordinances.  A draft of the manuscript is accessible via the link below.
Draft recodification manuscript.